Janmashtami Programme (August 2019)

The sacred day of the birth of Bhagavan Krishna is celebrated around the world as Janmashtami.This year the holy day was celebrated on August 24. Dwarahat ashram celebrated Janmashtami over two days — August 24 and 25, 2019. 

On Janmashtami day, Swami Lalitananda led a special meditation which included chanting, satsanga, and arati.

In his satsanga, Swamiji read out our beloved YSS/SRF President Sri Sri Swami Chidananda Giri's Janmashtami message in which he says, “The Bhagavad Gita assures us that as the Infinite Lord manifesting through Krishna guided his disciple Arjuna to spiritual and material victory, so He will guide us in our own daily battle of Kurukshetra — until we too achieve God-conscious expression of the divine qualities and potentials hidden in the depths of our soul..”

At the close of the programme, devotees joined in the singing of devotional kirtan by Brahmachari Nirliptananda as they offered flowers at the altar during pushpanjali. This was followed by Guru Langar

On the following day, Sunday, the Janmashtami celebrations culminated with a special eight-hour meditation which included listening to Guruji’s words, Cosmic Chants, kirtan, affirmation, and arati.