Five-day Sadhana Sangam conducted at Yogoda Satsanga Sakha Ashram – Dwarahat (September 2019)

The lure of Himalayan rejuvenation of body, mind, and soul with spiritual fellowship saw the devotees gather for the annual five-day spiritual programme of Dwarahat – the Sadhana Sangam – from September 26 to 30, 2019. Drawing devotees from across India and the world, this programme provided an opportunity for them to absorb Gurudeva’s how-to-live teachings, review classes on YSS meditation techniques, and periods of group meditation in the peaceful, serene ashram environs.

In his opening address, Swami Nityananda reminded devotees that Babaji wanted Lahiri Mahasaya to be an example to all householders. He urged the devotees to forget their world for the following five days and “become five-day-sannyasis” during this period.

Lahiri Mahasaya’s Mahasamadhi Divas was commemorated on September 26 with group Energization Exercises followed by prayer, chanting, meditation, reading, and arati. It concluded with devotees offering their love and devotion through pushpanjali. Six-hour meditation on the eve of Kriya Diksha day was led by Swamis Suddhananda and Lalitananda.

The Sangam culminated on the Avirbhav Divas of Lahiri Mahasaya.Devotees left feeling spiritually energized and uplifted by the Sadhana Sangam.

During the Sangam, a scholarship amount of Rs 2,75,000 was handed over to meritorious students from Dwarahat’s Government Engineering College (BTKIT).

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